Faction/Species/Entity List

 The purpose of this was more or less brainstroming.  It seems to actually be a bad idea to have this many species and factions.  This may not be a good world building approach after all.  At least I have it out of my system.  Or so I hope.

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Faction/Species/Entity List

The Askutsu’s Example

Trying to do character studies can lead to some interesting results.

Take the Askutsu’s Example and see just that for yourself.

The Askutsu are aliens who are somewhat like us, but still rather different.  Much more extraverted and much less afraid of death, yet still avoiding the collectivist tendancies of a social creature.

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The Askutsu’s Example


The greatest mind to ever exist suddenly appears to me, and it baffles me.  It is obviously my mind going mad, so I stare at the brain and ask, “What is it like up there?”

“It is going to be bright.” The brain hums to me.

I take a second look at this brain, floating so magically in the middle of my room in all its fleshy goodness and ask again with a slight sparkle in my eyes, “Bright?”

The mind stops completely.  Than it resumed.

“Bright as can be.  You know what I mean.” The brain tells me.

“Like the stars?” I first ask.

“No.” the brain replies.

“Like our kind?” I than ask.

“No.” the brain replies again, in an almost snide fashion.

“In prospect?” I ask, one last time.

“Not at all.”, the brain replies so grim.

“In what way than, floating brain!” I than shout, what could it possibly mean when it says bright?

The brain knows.

“Bright like the glowing background radiation sewn into the cosmos, bright like the distant future when the universe will finally be free of all this matter clogging space up.” The brain finally explains with a confidence and sense of awe that makes me hate it immediately.

For I am made of matter and this brain doesn’t like matter.  So it doesn’t like me.  What respect I had for the brain is gone now.  So I shout “Fuck you!”

The brain suddenly vanishes away as soon as it came.


Ten Light Years worth of Stars and Planets


Today I have Ten light years worth of star systems from Earth.  I spent one day making most of them, than spent a second day making just a few more to push myself to Epsilion Eridani.

This post hopefully will illustrates the tediousness that is manually making star systems for every star and why procedural methods are used far more.  It also in a way gives credence to the sheer scale of the universe- each planet I describe is around the size of Earth and there’s dozens of them across the 12-15 star systems I detail here.  Do not underestimate the size of the cosmos.

So here we go.

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Ten Light Years worth of Stars and Planets



(Image taken from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Twfhqw2ycdQ)

With an alien being, developing from a entirely different planet it is pretty much inevitable that their whole outlook on existence is going to be very different from the modern paradigm that is taken for granted, and has only been a cause to how we think of ourselves in the world for mere decades. There is no reason to believe that a alien being would have any reason to think like we do.  They may have some similarities in thought, but their whole outlook and behavior will differ by how their niche, reproduction and environmental situation mold them.

A alien species that must always be in a herd-like group will not think the way we do, nor will a alien species that spends its whole existence living in trees instead of wandering open plains.  I believe that the emergance of complexity that civilization brings only will amplify these deviations as they become more and more abstract and generation upon generation rapidly builds off previous concepts.  This is pretty much the only major way I can imagine a alien civilization being like us- they will have iteration of some sort, they will develop social systems that befit their situation (be it from environment or a technological innovation) and they will likely have some means of transferring information between generations.  The ideas and beliefs transferred however, simply won’t be like our own.  They are on a alien world with very different life forms influencing their development.  They deal with a different degree of gravity (don’t fall over!), might get a different kind of light (infrared is somewhat of a cozy light), prefer their water with a different level of acidity and may precieve the world with stimuli that has more in common with a velvet worm than a human.

This is what flows into a frustration of mine- when you get these monolithic societies that feel more like a human based society than a society that makes sense for the kind of species that dominates it.  The reason for them usually being that those alien cultures usually are based on a human civilization and that the aliens are really more representitive of non-modern western cultures than of a civilization that exists outside our realm of ethics and morality.  Which to me is a shame since there just seems to be so much potential in exploring the world from a alien viewpoint, to precieve the world outside of the medium that we normally exist in.