Species/Factions/Entites Pt.3

In this final part there is decaying empires, uprising forces and ancient beings whose power is easily greater than any other society here.

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Species/Factions/Entites Pt.3

The Askutsu’s Example

Trying to do character studies can lead to some interesting results.

Take the Askutsu’s Example and see just that for yourself.

The Askutsu are aliens who are somewhat like us, but still rather different.  Much more extraverted and much less afraid of death, yet still avoiding the collectivist tendancies of a social creature.

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The Askutsu’s Example


The greatest mind to ever exist suddenly appears to me, and it baffles me.  It is obviously my mind going mad, so I stare at the brain and ask, “What is it like up there?”

“It is going to be bright.” The brain hums to me.

I take a second look at this brain, floating so magically in the middle of my room in all its fleshy goodness and ask again with a slight sparkle in my eyes, “Bright?”

The mind stops completely.  Than it resumed.

“Bright as can be.  You know what I mean.” The brain tells me.

“Like the stars?” I first ask.

“No.” the brain replies.

“Like our kind?” I than ask.

“No.” the brain replies again, in an almost snide fashion.

“In prospect?” I ask, one last time.

“Not at all.”, the brain replies so grim.

“In what way than, floating brain!” I than shout, what could it possibly mean when it says bright?

The brain knows.

“Bright like the glowing background radiation sewn into the cosmos, bright like the distant future when the universe will finally be free of all this matter clogging space up.” The brain finally explains with a confidence and sense of awe that makes me hate it immediately.

For I am made of matter and this brain doesn’t like matter.  So it doesn’t like me.  What respect I had for the brain is gone now.  So I shout “Fuck you!”

The brain suddenly vanishes away as soon as it came.